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OED Definition
Pronunciation: /krap/
Noun [mass noun]: 1 something of extremely poor quality; nonsense; unwanted articles; rubbish. 2 excrement. [in singular] an act of defecation.
Verb (craps, crapping, crapped) [no object]: 1 defecate. 2 (crap on) talk at length in a foolish or boring way.
Adjective (British): extremely poor in quality.
Origin: Middle English: related to Dutch krappe, from krappen ‘pluck or cut off’, and perhaps also to Old French crappe ‘siftings’, Anglo-Latin crappa ‘chaff’. The original sense was ‘chaff’, later ‘residue from rendering fat’, also ‘dregs of beer’. Current senses date from the late 19th century.

“Ninety percent of everything is crap.” – Sturgeon’s Law. Sturgeon’s revelation, commonly referred to as Sturgeon’s law, is an adage commonly cited as “ninety percent of everything is crap.” It is derived from quotations by Theodore Sturgeon, an American science fiction author and critic: while Sturgeon coined another adage that he termed “Sturgeon’s law”, it is his “revelation” that is usually referred to by that term.  The phrase was derived from Sturgeon’s observation that while science fiction was often derided for its low quality by critics, it could be noted that the majority of examples of works in other fields could equally be seen to be of low quality and that science fiction was thus no different in that regard to other art forms. – Wikipedia

“Most of this stuff is utterly mundane – the everyday crap that fills the house.” Mike Kelley – The Uncanny (2004) Verlag der Buchhandlung WalterKőnig, p.12

“I have never been against new art as such; some of it is good, much is crap, most is somewhere in between.” – Robert Hughes

AB: What do you think makes a good art work? What are the criteria? DS: Well I don’t know what makes a good art work really. I suppose for me it’s that it’s interesting and relative to the work I’ve done before. I don’t think you can make brilliant art work, in a way, or at least at the time you’ve made it you don’t know if it’s brilliant. I just try and make art works that are good enough to show. – David Shrigley Interview by Alice Bradshaw, Corridor 8, October 2012.

Wim Delvoye – Cloaca, the Poo Machine (2000)

David Shrigley - Untitled (Crap) (2007)

David Shrigley – Untitled (Crap) (2007) Ink and marker on paper , 29,7 x 42 cm

Noble & Webster - HE/SHE

Noble & Webster – HE/SHE (2004)

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