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OED Definition
Pronunciation: /riˈmānz/
Plural noun: the parts left over after other parts have been removed, used, or destroyed; historical or archaeological relics; a person’s body after death.
Origin: late Middle English (occasionally treated as singular): from Old French remain, from remaindre, from an informal form of Latin remanere (see remain)

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” – Buddha

“I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.” – Buddha

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” – Albert Einstein

“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank

“Silence remains, inescapably, a form of speech.” – Susan Sontag, The Aesthetics of Silence (1967)

“How little remains of the man I once was, save the memory of him! But remembering is only a new form of suffering.” – Charles Baudelaire, La Fanfarlo (1847)

“Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language, while in fact language remains the master of man.” – Martin Heidegger, Poetry, Language, Thought (1971)

“Antiquities are history defaced, or some remnants of history which have casually escaped the shipwreck of time.” – Francis Bacon

Mark Dion – Tate Thames Dig (1999) wooden cabinet, porcelain, earthenware, metal, animal bones, glass and 2 maps

Li Xiaofeng – Beijing Memory No.1 (2006-08) shattered antique blue and white Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain found in a construction site

Christoph Büchel – LAST MAN OUT TURN OFF LIGHTS (2010). Installation, dimensions variable. “Büchel has blown up a defunct aeroplane to set up a fictitious scenario showcasing a futile attempt to put the plane’s pieces back together again. Surrounding a forensic investigation within an archaeological wasteland, you will find an abandoned prison environment housed in a labyrinth of shipping containers” (The List, April 2012).

Tony Cragg – Britain Seen from the North (1981) Plastic, wood, rubber, paper and other materials, 440 x 800 x 10cm.

Brian Dettmer – Ram Skull (2007) Altered casette tapes, 22.9 x 43.2 x 33cm.

Gabriel Kuri – Untitled (segmented bin with holes in the intervals), 2009, painted metal, water, blue plastic bottles, 60x44cm dia

Hans Schabus – Remains of the Day (2011)

Hans Schabus – Remains of the Day (2011)

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